Frequently Asked Questions

Modern Day Music (MDM) is a music school dedicated to creating the best possible learning experience for students of all ages. At the same time, we think our students deserve the chance to work towards playing the music they love and want to play, and ultimately have the chance to perform live in concert.

OK, you asked the big question so get ready for the big answer. There are many great and powerful reasons to learn to play an instrument in the MDM environment so here we go...

The benefits of learning to play an instrument...

Now we know that some of the benefits of becoming a musician are well known. There may however be some reasons to join Modern Day Music that you were not aware of.

Here are a few...

  • Playing an instrument makes you smarter. Yes, Smarter! Did you know that it has been proven, without a doubt, that children perform better in school when they are actively studying music? Yes, Math, Science and Reading Comprehension scores virtually always go up. Adults really benefit too! Playing an instrument keeps your brain active and alert and also helps your memory.
  • Playing an instrument helps you to be more disciplined with your life in general. Now, we are of course all about musicians having fun, yet at the same time, we help our students to maintain some amount of discipline with their practice. This carries over to other parts of their lives as well. Many people who are actively studying an instrument report being more organized and effective in their life overall. Best of all, if you are a disciplined musician, you have more fun playing and performing.
  • Playing an instrument can be a great stress reliever. You may not feel that stress reduction on your very first lesson (in fact, it may be quite the contrary). However, a little practice playing the music you want to play will give you a feeling of clarity and relaxation. You will just feel great!
  • Playing an instrument will give you a sense of accomplishment. As you improve and gain proficiency in your playing, your confidence will grow, and you will feel great about what you have achieved.
  • Playing an instrument is FUN!!! We could write volumes about how fun and rewarding playing an instrument is. Instead, we have decided to leave that for you to discover on your own, and with your new band!
  • Playing an instrument is a great way to meet new friends. Once you have gained some basic proficiency in your playing, you will meet other musicians both at Modern Day Music and out in the community. Music is a common thread among many people. Music is a language and people who speak a certain language tend to seek out and find others who do as well. Coming to Modern Day Music will surely lead to new friendships.
  • Playing an instrument can help you get into college. Did you know that gaining proficiency in music can actually help you to get into college? Many colleges look very favorably upon applicants who have shown their ability to stay focused and committed to the mastery of playing an instrument. There is a correlation between being highly proficient with an instrument and succeeding at college. Being in a college band can be a really fun way to spend some fun time too.
  • Playing an instrument and attending performance group practices for kids sure beats playing video games. Lets face it, kids today have far too many distractions that keep them from evolving and achieving the way they might if they just had a strong interest in something other than video games. Well... music is as good as it gets, especially at Modern Day Music. Remember, practicing for a performance is fun if the right approach is used. Practicing music has also been proven to increase school performance and cognitive capability in general.

Well, ask yourself... Why do you want to play an instrument? What are your real goals? We know that people choose to play instruments to have fun and make great music with their instrument. Music that they themselves think is great. They want to play, perform and feel music. They want it all to be fun, rewarding, and exciting. We want that for them too and MDM is the perfect place to ensure that it happens. That is what Modern Day Music is all about. Having as much fun as possible getting the most out of music, while learning to be proficient at your instrument at the same time. We want our students to continue to play music as a pastime! For most it isn't about doing music for a career, it is about enjoyment and fun.

All of the coaches here at Modern Day Music are accomplished performing musicians. They live for music and have dedicated their lives to it. We are very proud of our talented team. Our coaches teach because they love it and you can really tell when you experience a session with one of them. If you really want to play an instrument and enjoy it, it gets no better than the Modern Day Music Coaches.

To be an MDM coach, you need to be able to do a lot more than just play an instrument well. Our coaches don’t just pick some old school book and go through it one page at a time mindlessly. That is not what aspiring musicians want. They want someone to pay close attention to their needs and goals, and to formulate each and every session with those needs and goals specifically in mind. Ultimately, it is the goal of every instructor to keep all of their students evolving and having fun doing it.

Don’t know which instrument you or your child wants to play? That is ok and exactly what the MDM Team is here for. No matter your age, we can meet with you and discuss your musical interests, evaluate your abilities, and suggest a good starting instrument. Perhaps you will even try a few different instruments in the beginning before choosing your favorite. You may also pursue more than one instrument at a time if you choose, such as guitar and voice. That is ok too. We can tailor a program to work best for you and your goals.

This is an interesting question, let us give you the short answer for now until we meet you. The Short Answer... If you have a very young child who you would like to have begin learning an instrument, you should make an appointment for their free first lesson. A coach will then be able to meet them and assess the best path to take. We will help you determine if music lessons are right for them at that point in their life, and we can also help determine a direction they may choose to go if they are going to pursue music at MDM. We will gladly meet your young child and see if now is a good time to get them started. We have a Little Rockers Program specifically for kids under 5 years old, our Private Coaching is open to kids of all ages but most are 6 and up, and our Rock School 101 band program is available to audition for as well.

People of all ages want to play their favorite music. Elementary School, High School, College, Professional, Retiree... It really does not matter. We will teach you to play well and when you are ready maybe even perform live! Age does not matter at Modern Day Music.

The MDM Coaches are experts at helping experienced students who are new to our school, but not new to playing an instrument, feel comfortable, have fun, and fit right in. We know that each person comes to us with their own needs and comforts. It is our job to tailor our approach to help a new, yet experienced, student fit in and have a great time. Don’t be afraid to make the switch, you will love it!

Need a new guitar or bass? Don’t know which drums to get? Aren’t sure what you need in a keyboard or vocal mic? No problem! MDM has secured preferred pricing for our students on all of the customary band instruments and accessories. We do not sell instruments nor do we profit from you purchasing instruments from our vendors. We have simply created relationships with these companies from over 25 years in this field to provide our students with the lowest possible prices and unparalleled support. All you have to do is ask one of our staff and we will put you directly in contact with someone who can take great care of your instrument needs. Then, once you get a price, feel free to shop around and see if you can beat it.