When considering Private Music coaching options there are two main ingredients that determine how fast and how well you will grow and evolve.

The Coach & The Facility

The Coach -  It is fairly obvious that the quality of your music coach is very important when working towards the mastery of your instrument. What many people may not know is the MDM definition of a quality coach.  To us, having a coach who has mastered their instrument and dedicated their life to music is only the beginning. To be a Modern Day Music Coach you need to have some very strong attributes. Our coaches not only exhibit tremendous talent in playing their instrument but they also have performing experience, as well as a multi dimensional training with their instrument.  This means that our coaches have approached music from both the theoretical and applied perspectives.  They have studied formal theory and they have also been professional performers in the music world.  This gives our coaches many different approaches that they can use with the many types of students we encounter here at Modern Day Music.

One of the most important qualities that we look for is personality.  A quality coach needs to be able to:  motivate their students to do their best, inspire their students to continue to grow, and befriend their students to make learning music fun. Our coaches are role models and mentors. They are great people who our students look forward to seeing each week.  In short, our coaches are awesome.  This really makes learning to play an instrument fun and rewarding.
The Facility - In order to evolve as a musician as efficiently as possible it really helps to have a learning environment that is clean, comfortable and inviting. MDM is where comfort meets education. We encourage you to stop in and see for yourself what makes MDM so different from the alternatives.  We are confident you will enjoy your experience.

MDM Coaches are available for Private Coaching Sessions on:

  • Voice
  • Guitar/Bass/Ukulele
  • ‍‍Drums/Percussion
  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Composition
  • Recording
  • and more...

Our Private Coaching Sessions are scheduled every 30 minutes.

Monthly Tuition is $139 (This includes both 4 or 5 sessions per month depending on the month) $129 for additional instruments or family members.

Give us a call today at 518-261-1920, send us an email by filling out our Request Info form, or stop by sometime to learn more!

Private Coaching

Our Group Band program...

Now don’t let the name fool you, this is not just about "rock" music.  This program embraces learning how to play and perform your favorite music. Rock School covers all types of "rockin'" music.

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Alternative
  • and more...

The essence of our Rock School 101 program is the understanding that for a student to have the most fun and rewarding experience in music they must do more than just take lessons and practice. First of all, we think it only makes sense for a student to play the music they love and actually listen to, not music that they have no interest in. That just does not make sense to us and we feel is the major reason why many kids don't want to be a part of the music program a their school. Music education is very important in our children's lives and this program gives them another option.

Our program is a great supplement to a formal school concert band as an outlet to really express themselves and have fun, and even more so for those who do not have the time or desire to take an instrument at school. Second, being a part of a band and performing live at a show with that band is a key factor to getting the most out of the music experience. At MDM we have made performing live in your own band a reality. Rock School 101 students will get to play live on stage with a professional sound system for an audience and most importantly, they will be playing the music they listen to and enjoy.

Here is how it works...

In RS101 you have a choice of Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard or Voice. (some students may choose to be do more than one. For example, play guitar and sing)

Students/players audition and if accepted are assigned to one of the Rock School Bands that practice for 1.5  hours every week with a coach. Having a rehearsal every week is a great way to continue progressing in a group setting, while honing your individual skills at home and via your private lessons in between rehearsals. In Rock School 101 students learn the important fundamentals of working together as part of a band. There are also many life skills to be learned in this program.

Students in the Rock School 101 Program are always working towards an upcoming public performance and this is the essence of this program.  It's all about performing live.


In Rock School 101 you get:

  • Structured Group Band Sessions for 1.5 hours each week for 10 weeks
  • 2 of the Rehearsals Specialized with 3 coaches
  • 1 Dress Rehearsal for 1 hour with all 3 coaches
  • A Rock School Performance Show at the end of the session

Tuition: $330 for Members, $430 for Non-Members

(Members = being enrolled in our Private Coaching program)


Rock School is a great way to make new friends and build camaraderie while learning to master your instrument. Nothing is more fun than playing live concerts with your band!

Give us a call today at 518-261-1920, send us an email by filling out our Request Info form, or stop by sometime to learn more!

Rock School 101

Little Rockers

For the little ones who are 3-5 years old...

Open your child's eyes to the world of music!

Involve them with music in a positive way. At Modern Day Music your child will develop the proper musical foundation that will allow them to play and appreciate music for a lifetime. Using fun and exciting methods we focus on ear training, rhythm, singing and coordination. Each 30 minute group session will involve music, movement, fun games and even mini jam sessions!

Class activities and lessons include:

  • Exploring percussion
  • Rhythmic and movement improvisation
  • Singing melodies and intervals
  • Music History
  • Recognition of musical symbols and notes
  • Recognition ‍‍‍through exposure to a variety of instruments‍‍‍

Research has shown that there is a positive connection between music education/performance and children’s memory, coordination, organization, communication skills, mathematic achievement, ability to read, tests results, and grades in school.

Tuition is $89.  Little Rockers meets once per week for 6 weeks.

Start your child today and introduce them to a lifetime of music!

Give us a call today at 518-261-1920, send us an email by filling out our Request Info form, or stop by sometime to learn more!

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- Rock School 101

- Little Rockers


1673 RT9 (Healthplex)
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1673 RT9 (Healthplex)
Clifton Park, NY 12065

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Custom Music Education!
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    • Bass
    • Voice
    • Drums
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    • Jazz
    • Rock
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    • ‍‍‍R&B‍‍‍
    • Metal
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  • Composing
  • Improvisation
  • Playing in a Band
  • Ear Training
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